True Story Of A Student Who Returned From US

Fri Feb 08 2019 18:39:40 GMT+0530 (IST)

Indian Students who got enrolled to the University of Farmington have been returning to India in batches since few days. Most of them have to deal with financial problems if they fail to grab a high-paying job in the country.

A 30-Year-Old Telugu Student who returned to India in this month admitted lying to his parents that he got H-1B Visa and he is here due the work related to its processing. Parents of the youth borrowed Rs 10 lakh loan for his higher studies. He will have to clear the debts within 6 months and wasn't even able to pursue Master's which was his dream.

Actually, This Youngster joined North Western Polytechnic University in California in December 2014. He lost the job of IT Contractor in 2016 May after the STEM OPT accreditation for the university was revoked. Until then, He used to earn $4,000 per month and save $2,500 per month after all the expenses. He enrolled to University of Farmington as per the advise of his friends. H-1B Trails made by him in 2017 hasn't fetched any results. He decided to leave US immediately after knowing about the arrests of students enrolled to the Fake University and landed in India on Feb 4th by borrowing some money from a friend to buy flight tickets. Right now, He is in search of job as his family still need to pay Rs 6 lakh debt.