Trump Eyeing To Bring Merit-Based Immigration Order And DACA

Sun Jul 12 2020 19:52:14 GMT+0530 (IST)

After suspending H-1B and other visas till the end of December, United States President Donald Trump is eyeing yet another executive order. Indians are more likely to get affected by the new development.

Talking about the new executive order, the White House said, Donald Trump, is focusing on an executive order which deals with imposing an immigration system based on the merit system.

The merit-based immigration system will offer US Citizenship to applicants on the grounds of the qualifications and skills, as a bid to benefit the country.

If the new immigration gets approved, the process of giving citizenship based on the familial connections will be suspended. As per the records, as many as half million citizenships were granted based on familial connections annually.

Some media reports claim that Donald Trump showed his interest to work on legislative solutions of DACA which includes citizenship for applicants as well as supporting strong security at the border.