Did Film Industry Boycott Mohan Babu?

Mon Apr 08 2019 14:05:49 GMT+0530 (IST)

War of words between Mohan Babu and Telugu Desam Party has been continuing since few days. TUDA Chairman made sensational allegations on the Senior Actor. 'Already, Telugu Film Industry has boycotted Mohan Babu. When he served as Rajya Sabha Member, Mohan Babu diverted the MPLADS fund for the construction of Sri Vidyaniketan building. An inquiry has to be conducted on the misuse of funds. Citing discipline, Sri Vidyaniketan takes away mobiles from Students and sell them thereafter,' he alleged.

TUDA Chairman accused Collection King of amassing huge wealth in Hyderabad using Paritala Family. He alleged Mohan Babu has conspired with those who killed Paritala Ravi.

Did Tollywood really boycotted Mohan Babu? Does working against the Ruling Party leads to such a situation? Nobody from TFI offers any such confirmation so far. In fact, Several Tollywood Actors who moved closely with TDP has been maintaining a safe distance with the Ruling Party at present due to anti-incumbency and consequences they could face.