Two Visits To Chennai...Yet No Result For KCR!

Tue May 14 2019 13:21:02 GMT+0530 (IST)

KCR is known for his oratory skills and he is one of those Leaders capable of convincing people irrespective of stand taken or approach followed. Someone like KCR failed to live up to his reputation even after holding talks with a Politician.

So far, KCR went to Chennai twice only to hold Federal Front Talks with MK Stalin. To his shock, The DMK Chief made it clear he has already offered an assurance to Congress over the participation in UPA. He also recalled announcing twice that Rahul Gandhi has to become the Prime Minister. Stalin conveyed that he is in no mood to change any of these two stands.

Which means, KCR failed to convince MK Stalin during the hour-long meeting. There were even media reports that TRS Chief himself got stunned with the views expressed by the DMK Head in the end. It's been reported that MK Stalin asked KCR why don't he extend support to the Congress-led UPA.

DMK is likely to win majority of the MP Seats in Tamil Nadu and emerge as a most powerful party down South after 2019 Elections. So, It's never going to be easy dealing with someone like MK Stalin in such a situation.