No Evidence Of Aadhaar Data Breach By IT Grid: UIDAI

Thu Apr 18 2019 16:26:37 GMT+0530 (IST)

IT Grids Company faced the allegations of date theft & even Special Investigation Team (SIT) was formed by Telangana Government to investigate the case related to Aadhaar Data of 7.82 crore people in the Telugu States.

UIDAI clarified there is no evidence to say IT Grids has stolen the Aadhaar Information of people in Telugu States from its servers. 'Central Identities Data Repository (CIDR) Servers are completely safe. Data wasn't stolen from our servers. Even the SIT formed to investigate the IT Grids case hasn't found any evidence of data theft. Service Providers can use Aadhaar Info for few services. Collecting Aadhaar Information and storing it comes under violation and all those involved in it will have to face the prosecution,' says the Aadhaar Authority.

A clarification was given that knowing about the Aadhaar Number of an Individual doesn't pose any threat to either him/her because of the biometric system and one time password. Latest development could lead to a conclusion that IT Grids might attain a clean chit anytime soon. And that will be a huge relief for the Telugu Desam Party which faced allegations of misusing personal information of the people.