iPad Scam: US Court slaps 3 people with jail sentence!

Fri Jan 14 2022 20:32:15 GMT+0530 (IST)

A district court in the United States had slapped three people with a jail term after they were found guilty of malpractice over electronic gadgets that were supposed to be distributed to the school students. The case which has been going on for three years had a climax finally with the verdict.

Going into details, one Kristy Stock, who works as a teacher at a District School in the United States was responsible for setting aside the Apple iPods that were supposed to distribute to the school children. The administration had sent the iPods for the tribals in New Mexico.

She had set aside around 3,000 Apple iPods and placed the same on goods selling apps. One Saurabh Chawla, an Indian-American who purchased the Apple products was also held guilty of purchasing the products and slapped with a jail sentence.

While Saurabh Chawla was slapped with jail imprisonment of 66 months, the District Court also imposed a fine of USD 713,619 on him. To recover the money to match the fine amount, Chawla was asked to sign a few documents that enables the authorities to pay the properties to gather the amount.

Besides the Indian-American, the teacher who had stolen the Apple iPods and made them available for sale on the platforms was also sentenced to jail imprisonment