US Embassy Chalks Plan To Clear Flood of Visas in India?

Sat May 07 2022 18:00:37 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The Covid pandemic had not only created havoc in India but also powered water on the dreams and aspirants as crores of people lost their jobs. On top of this, the US aspirants had a tough time getting visas with the embassy almost closing its services during the pandemic.

In a bid to compensate for that, the US administration had recently announced that the visa numbers and the visa permit will be increased. While the immigrants will be benefitted from this, Indians will get the maximum from this.

As all these developments say that the US embassy and its consulates in India will have to go through a hectic work schedule, the embassy is said to be working on deploying more workforce and setting up new offices in big cities to tackle the flood sof Visa applications.

Reports say that the US Embassy will be clearing lakhs of visas including student visas and H and L visas. As it takes a big workforce to deal with that, the embassy will address that in a phased manner. By opening new offices and taking an additional workforce, the embassy will ensure relief for many aspirants.

A dedicated system will also be set up to address the flood of applications the embassy will receive. As the visas will be cleared in a phased manner, the embassy will be deploying more staff and workforce.