US: Indian, his Son Held Hostage Robbed art Gunpoint!

Tue Jun 14 2022 14:54:01 GMT+0530 (IST)

Superpower nation America which is seen as Big Brother given its financial status and power always tries to lecture others on various issues. It has to be mentioned here that America even tried to put pressure on India on the Russia war row and make India vote against Russia at the UN.

While America has so much time for other nations, it has no time in focusing on internal issues like gun culture. The world knows how problematic the gun culture is in the nation. At regular intervals, we hear stories about gun firing incidents. It has to be mentioned here that recently a boy who just turned 18 created havoc by attacking a school and killing a few.

Adding fuel to the debate on the growing gun culture in the United States, an Indian American was robbed. People living in the United States fear coming out at night as robbers and others might attack them.

Proving that even they are not safe at day time, an Indian American and his son faced a horrific experience as they were robbed at gunpoint. After bulldozing into their house, the robbers took some money and asked the victim to get some money from the nearby bank.

The victims were saved when the Indian American's wife saw this and honked the horn continuously attracting the attention of others. Hearing this, the neighbors reportedly came out to see what was going on. Looking at people coming out, the criminals acted fastly and fled from the spot.

The victim's wife held her nerves right. Instead of panicking, she dialed the Police and informed them about the same. Without wasting any time, she honked the horn which inculcated fear among the robbers. With no option left they left from there. Thankfully, the criminals did not harm the victims.

Talking about the incident, the victim said that a few masked people entered his house by jumping the fence of the neighbor's house. Speaking highly about his wife for doing the wise thing, he said that he could not see the faces of the criminals as they all were wearing facemasks.