US Mass Killings: Eight victims, include four Sikhs killed at FedEx facility

Sat Apr 17 2021 12:06:48 GMT+0530 (IST)

Since the start of 2020, the United States is struggling with two major issues. One is the ongoing pandemic, as the second issue is massing shootings. Four months in 2021, the US has reported not less than six mass shootings.

The mass shooting has once again rocked the superpower nation. Mass shooting reported at a FedEx facility in Indianapolis has claimed at least eight lives, including four Sikhs.

The four Sikhs include three women and one man. Businessman Gurinder Singh Khalsa, leader of the Sikh community in Indiana said a major share of people from the Sikh community work at the FedEx operations center near the city's international airport.

The fresh killings took place weeks after Atlanta reported a mass killing incident where eight victims have lost their lives. The series of mass killings in the US have raised the question of the negative impact of growing gun culture.

The local Sikh community in Indiana is demanding the government to look into the matter and investigate the matter in a detailed manner and bring the culprits before justice.

Indiana is home to thousands of Sikh-Americans. A major share of them works at the FedEx operations center located near the International airport in the city.

As per the media reports, Brandon Scott Hole, who is believed to the gunman had ended his life by suicide after the killings. The gunman is just 19 years old, as per the media reports.

Expressing condolences over the incident, United States President Joe Biden said, Homeland security team informed him and Vice President Kamala Harris about the mass killing.

'Vice President Harris and I have been briefed by our homeland security team on the mass shooting at a FedEx facility in Indianapolis, Indiana, where a lone gunman murdered eight people and wounded several more in the dark of night," Joe Biden's statement reads.