Shocking: US NRI Wife-Husband killed, buried in Farmhouse!

Mon May 09 2022 11:02:37 GMT+0530 (IST)

As a scary trend, these days we have been hearing news about the domestic helpers planning a robbery or killing their owners for the money and gold they possess. Given the fact that they work with their owners for years together, they get to know where the owners keep their money, gold, and other valuables.

Most of the time they plan a robbery when the owners go out for their work. In some instances, they give sedatives to owners and do their work as happened with Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor's in-laws. Her in-laws were given sleeping pills and when they were in a toxic state, the house helpers robbed gold and money.

As another example, domestic help had eyes on the gold and money the owners have. Shockingly, the help reportedly murdered a couple who came to India from the United States recently. Swinging into action, the cops arrested the accused and seized a big amount of gold from the accused.

The elderly couple who has their roots in Chennai are residents of the United States and came to Chennai recently for a short vacation. Domestic help Krishnan and their driver are believed to be behind the incident. Having their eyes on the gold possessed by the couple, the duo might have killed the wife and husband.

After the daughter of the couple could not reach her parents, she dialed her relatives and informed them about the same. They did not make any time waste in approaching the local cops. Digging deeper into the issue, the cops have found out that the domestic help and driver killed the wife and husband and their bodies were buried in their farmhouse.

To be safe from the investigation, the two accused have deleted the CCTV footage which is a piece of key evidence in the case. The cops have managed to retreat the data and the footage is in their hands now. The bodies have been sent for autopsy and the details are awaited. One wonders what made the domestic help and driver do this gruesome incident as the duo has been associated with the couple for long years.