US Planning To Increase Merit-Based Immigration

Wed Jul 17 2019 19:58:36 GMT+0530 (IST)

United States is mulling to increase Merit-based Immigration to 57 percent. The Trump Administration is keen to go for a five-fold increase in Merit-based Legal Immigration.

Trump's Son-in-Law & Senior Presidential Adviser Jared Kushner believes Immigration Policy attracting highly-skilled people from across the World would generate USD 500 billion in tax revenues in a period of 10 years. The immigration reform project led by Kushner reached a final stage and it will be made public soon.

Jared Kushner said US Immigration System has gone very outdated. He pointed out only 12 percent of people become legal immigrants through the current Merit-based Immigration System. 'Our Peer Countries are doing far better job. It's 53 percent in Canada, 59 percent in New Zealand, 63 percent in Australia and 52 percent in Japan. Now, We are aiming for 57 percent under Trump Administration,' he says.

In the previous year, 1.1 million people had been recognised as US Citizens. Jared Kushner says the count remains the same but the composition changes with high priority offered to best professionals across the World.