US Senate Turns Down Green Card Bill via Super Fee

Wed Sep 22 2021 12:25:29 GMT+0530 (IST)

The Democratic Party that had highlighted the issue of increasing the United States Green Cards cap before the Presidential elections had worked on the promise and tabled a bill that enables the Green Card aspirants to get permanent residency with a prescribed fee.

The bill that was introduced by the Democratic party aims at making changes to the immigration reforms so that the foreigners living in the United States can get Green Card.

As an unwanted development, the bill was turned down by the Senate Parliamentarian. The democratic party leaders who faced a big blow with the decision said they will look for another alternative to ease the Green Card issuance, media reports claim.

The resolution that was introduced by the Democratic party was turned down by the Senate Parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough. The Senate said the bill goes differently from the rules of the issuance of the cards. With this, the bill will be suspended, the Senate told the members.

The Democratic party had proposed a new bill and table it in the house that bats for the new rule in issuing the Green Cards. The bill enables the immigrants in the United States by paying a fee of $2500. The aspirant should be sponsored by a citizen of the United States and the priority date of the aspirant should be over 2 years.

The bill says that eight million green cards, the symbol of permanent residency, would be given to the aspirants by charging a prescribed fee. The Democratic Party said a mammoth $3.5 trillion will be spent on the bill.

When the bill was introduced in the Senate, a lot of Techies working in the United States, who migrated to America, the land of opportunities hoped that their difficulties and long wait to get the Green cards would be reduced.

As the Indians make up a good percentage of Asian immigrants in the United States, the experts had opined that if the bill gets passed and becomes an act they will be the most benefited ones with the act. Sadly, the bill was turned down and this should be seen as a setback to US President Joe Biden who recently announced that the cp on Green Card would be increased.