US: Tragedy Hits Newly Married Couple

Fri Dec 02 2022 13:05:07 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Earlier we used to feel bad about the attacks against Indians in the United States. Now we have to feel sad for the families of Indians who are losing their loved ones in road mishaps. These accidents are happening at regular intervals. Recently an Indian woman lost her life in an accident on thanksgiving day.

As another sadful incident, tragedy hit a newlywed couple in Tragedy. A couple traveling in their car collided with another vehicle. While the husband passed away, the wife was admitted to a hospital and her condition is such that she needs medical treatment for more than a couple of months.

Going into details, Sudeep Srinivas, 30, and Gowri, 24 went on a holiday in Florida. While the couple was coming back they met with a fatal accident. Sudeep Srinivas passed away in the accident while Gowri is admitted to a nearby hospital for her treatment. It is said that Gowri holds an H4 visa and she is not working. Sudeep used to work and run the family as per the information.

Both families suffered a big shock with the accident. They have two things to worry about. One is how to bring back the mortal remains of Suddep to conduct his last rites. It is known how costly the process is. Common people cannot afford the costs and that’s why the fundraiser concept was brought up.

The Indian community comes together and starts a campaign seeking donations to send back the body. The same was done yet again so that the mortal remains of victim Sudeep can be sent to his home for the last rites. Losing loved ones is one thing and not being able to perform the last rites is a painful situation no one wants to go through.

The family is also said to be worrying about taking care of Gowri’s health as she has to spend around three months in the medical facility.

For the past few months, many Indians lost their lives in the United States due to various reasons. While a few people breathed their last in road mishaps, a few passed away in disasters.