US Gives Another Shock To Indian Students

Tue Jul 07 2020 11:17:10 GMT+0530 (IST)

Here's another shocker for all those intending to make a career in the US. The US government has categorically said that the foreign students, including those from India, studying in the US may have to go back to their native countries if the universities chose to offer education through online courses.

If this happens, all those Indian students, who are staying in the US on non immigrant F1 M1 visas will have to come back to India. An online course can be attended from anywhere in the country and there is no need to stay in India for an online course - so goes the argument.  This is no less a shock for the Indians intending to move to the US and is coming in the wake of the recent H1B1 visa. This is likely to affect at least 10 lakh immigrant students in the US and a majority of them are from India.  Increasingly, more and more US universities are opting for online teaching mode in view of the Corona.

US is in the vice like grip of Corona and over 29 lakh people have been tested positive so far. The death toll is around 1.30 lakh. If this system is implemented, then lakhs of Indian students may have to return to India.