US records highest number of infections in a day

Tue Jan 11 2022 16:09:00 GMT+0530 (IST)

United States of America has been asking countries round the world to contain COVID infections sooner as the inflation in the world has been hitting top of all indices. But Omicron variant has triggered third wave all over.

USA is the most affected in this wave as well even though the country has hit records in providing vaccination to citizens and boosters as well. Still, US recorded highest daily infections for any day in any country.

Reuters reported that 11.4 lakh COVID infections have been reported in a day, on Monday. Death rate due to infections has been less but total average deaths have increased from 1400 each day to 1700 now.

For a week, the average infections per day has been over half a million and average is said to be 7,04,000. This is huge and highest by any means.

US Federal Government is urging people to stay inside and take vaccination boosters to avoid spreading Omicron infections further.