Udaipur Case:Govt Transfers IPS Officers as Damage Control?

Fri Jul 01 2022 17:11:50 GMT+0530 (IST)

The brutal murder of Hindu tailor Kanhaiya Lal in Udaipur has sent shocking waves across the nation. His mistake was just to show his support for Nupur Sharma, who made objectionable comments about Prophet Muhammad while appearing on a TV debate on the much-0talked-about Gyanvapi masjid row.

The incident gave birth to a lot of intense protests in Rajasthan and other places as well. To see that no unwanted scenes take place, the Rajasthan government swung into action and imposed section 144 in sensitive places as a precautionary measure.

While interviewing the family members of the accused, the media unearthed a new angle that says that victim Kanhaiya Lal sensed danger a few days back and did not open his shop. He even reportedly met the police on this to seek protection. However, the cops did not take the action in time.

The negligence of a few cops cost Kanhaiya Lal, who makes earnings by tailoring his life. As the alleged negligence of the cops brought severe criticism to the state government, the sarkar transferred as many as 32 police officers.

It appears like the state government which is under severe heat is doing damage control by transferring the IPS cadre officers. The issue is an eye-opener on why addressing the complaints is crucial and his it can help the victims in saving their lives.