Uma Maheshwari's Daughter Revels Reason behind Mother's Suicide?

Tue Aug 02 2022 11:37:57 GMT+0530 (IST)

Fans and members of the mighty Nandamuri family had to hear the sad news of the passing away of a family member. The other day, Kanthamaneni Uma Maheswari, youngest daughter of former Chief Minister of combined Andhra Pradesh Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao passed away and the news has caught everyone's attention. From regional media to national media, all the media outlets covered the news.

After the news broke out, there were many doubts and questions about the reason behind the death of Uma Maheshwari. These doubts made the Jubilee Hills Police register a case of suspicious case. The investigation is underway and the cops are expected to finish the investigation at the earliest.

As a big twist in the tale, Uma Maheshwari's daughter Deekshitha made some stunning comments. She said that her mother took the extreme step due to her health-related issues, reports said.

Her daughter's statement is believed to be a key development in the case investigation. As a case of suspicious death as registered by the Jubilee Hills, her daughter's version might help the investigating officers to come to a conclusion.

Earlier, it was reported that Uma Maheshwari is having health issues and she is under treatment. Her long illness might have left a heavy toll on her mentha health and unable to withstand the pressure, she might have taken the extreme step

Now Uma Maheshwari's daughter also said the same as per the media reports. According to the reports, Uma Maheshwari's husband and daughter were present at their residence when this happened. When the daughter asked Uma Maheshwari to come out for lunch, she did not respond. This made Deekshita and she complained to the cops.

After entering their house, the cops reportedly found Uma Maheshwari hanging from a fan and spotted marks on her neck and they doubt that the marks were a result of her neck getting pressed. With the same doubt, a case of suspicious death was registered.

However, there is no update on the autopsy reports. If the reports match what Uma Maheshwari's daughter said, then there is a chance that the officers might close the case. Or else, they might continue the investigation.