Taher's World Fell Apart Due To Hyd Floods

Sat Oct 17 2020 14:10:03 GMT+0530 (IST)

Hyderabad received heavy rainfall over the past 48 hours. On Thursday, the city received the highest downpour after 117 years, with over 100 millimeters(mm).

60-year-old Mohammad Adbul Taher Quresgi's world fell apart due to the heavy rains in the city. After his house collapsed, four of the eight family members lost their lives.

At midnight on Wednesday, his family members went to the staircase of the building after hearing the sound of a wall collapsing due to the rainwater.

All of a sudden, the staircase began shaking and all the family members fell into the raging rainwater. Qureshi barely managed from falling into the water with his brother Saddam Qureshi pushing him away from the water.

All this happened in a blink of a second. Sadly, his brother who pushed Qureshi to safety washed away in the rainwater.

Taher Qureshi broke down after losing four of his family members left him in a single day. Authorities handover the bodies of his granddaughter and three daughter-in-laws hours apart.

The torrential rains that affected Telangana severely claimed not less than 50 lives, reportedly. The rescue operations of several areas are still underway. The count might go even up.