Laying Off Exercise Fever Hits Beverage Companies Too!

Tue Dec 06 2022 14:30:55 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The recession is expected to hit the globe very soon and big companies are busy laying off employees. A few big companies have already given pink slips to employees in a bid to reduce the workforce while a few companies are gearing up to do so in a phased manner.

Though the reasons given by the companies are different, the main reason behind this is said to be the possible global recession. Companies across the fields want to reduce the workforce. Now it is said that a global company is all set to remove the employees.

As per the sensational news carried out by a popular business-focused, international daily newspaper, international beverage corporation PepsiCo, Inc is reportedly laying off employees.

The information is that Pepsi company is laying off hundreds of employees at the company headquarters in New York. It is said that employees working at the offices in Chicago and Plano, Texas are likely to face the heat of the laying off exercise.

Besides cost casting, making the workforce simple might have also forced the company to go for the tough decision. A few employees received memos saying they were fired. In the memos, they were reportedly told that the decision was taken as simplifying the workforce makes it easy to operate.

Worrying about the possible recession, the companies kept themselves busy with cost-cutting exercise by laying off employees. The exercise started with the tech world and even touched the media companies.

Various tech giants laid off employees as a precautionary measure and the feat hit the media world too. A few reports said that media outlets also laid off employees under this.

Hinting that the laying off exercise is not restricted to the tech and media world the beverage company also began the process of laying off employees. The American food company PepsiCo, Inc is one of the big names in business not only in America but across the globe.

Despite being a global company, Pepsi laid off employees which is a big concern. If the same trend continues then other companies might also join the race. Pepsi also spread its wings into snacks as it owns brands like Kurkure, Uncle Chips, and others.