When Will You Shave Off Your Beard Sir?

Thu Jun 06 2019 13:29:00 GMT+0530 (IST)

Politician's vows are like fleeting clouds and missing mirages. They take vows and forget them at their convenience. Many vows are made  only for media or public consumption and once the required news coverage is got, they conveniently forget them. But, Telangana Pradesh Congress Committee chief Uttam Kumar Reddy appears to be quite serious about his vow. He has vowed to shave the beard only after the TRS is defeated in the state. But, his vow remained unfulfilled as the TRS not just won 2018 elections, but even pushed the Congress to the extreme margins. So he could not shave off the beard.

Though the Congress had done a shade better in the Lok Sabha elections and got more votes in many of the seats in Telangana. Uttam Reddy himself won a hard fought battle. Yet, he cannot take off beard. Now he has gone to Delhi for a role in 2014 with beard on. While his commitment to his vow is laudable, we may have to prepare  ourselves to see the hirsute avatar of Uttam Reddy for five more years.