Uttam Reddy Did Not Have This, Hence Lost Huzurabad

Thu Oct 24 2019 15:40:14 GMT+0530 (IST)

Uttam Kumar Reddy must be ruing one small mistake he made in the run-up to the Huzurnagar bye-elections. He knew before hand that there would be bypolls to Huzurnagar. He also knew very well that his wife would be the party candidate. He even knew that KCR will leave no stone unturned to wrest the seat from the Congress. Yet, he did not keep one thing ready liquid cash.

Yes. Liquid cash is very important in the elections and the TRS had stacked enough liquid cash for the elections. But, Uttam Kumar Reddy, according to highly placed sources, did not keep the liquid cash ready. As a result, all through the campaign, he suffered cash crunch. According to a top official of an election survey organisation,  Uttam Kumar Reddy was not ready to hire good survey organisations as he did not have enough liquid cash. Due to this, he was not in a position to gauge the change in the public perception as the campaign went by. Initially, the Congress was at an advantageous position. But, as days passed by and the campaign picked up pace, the party began to slip. Uttam Kumar Reddy did not notice this as he could not hire the best psephologist.

Similarly, he did not have enough liquid cash to distribute among the voters. So, the amount he distributed was much less than what the TRS gave. If only he managed to get adequate liquid cash, things would have been very different, say sources.


He is the winner, he is the loser

There is one very peculiar thing in the Huzurabad bypoll. Outwardly, the TRS won and the Congress lost. But, poll pundits, who know what goes on deep inside, say that the same man is the winner and loser as well. Sounds strange? Then read on.

Only one industrialist who operates in the constituency and runs industries, has funded both Uttam Kumar Reddy and the TRS. The same industrialist has helped both the candidates. The said industrialist is said to be very close to Uttam Kumar Reddy and his wife Padmavathi. He considers Padmavathi has his sister and has funded her election campaign in the past too. But, he is also said to be very close to KCR because of the caste links. This industrialist, who is also said to be very close to a spiritual leader, is now doing the KCR's bidding by acquiring media houses and monopolising them.

Whoever wins, it's going to be advantage for this industrialist. Both the parties are said to protect his business and industrial interests.  For him, it's best of both the worlds. So, he is the winner. He is also the loser in Huzurabad bypoll.