VH+Pawan Kalyan=?

Tue Sep 10 2019 10:02:27 GMT+0530 (IST)

Though a super star, Pawan Kalyan showed himself to be a political nincompoop.  He party performed below par and even Pawan Kalyan lost from both the seats he contested. Only one MLA  has won on the Jana Sena ticket and he is busy cavorting with the YSRCP rather than listen to his party boss.

Though a loud mouth, VH is a spent force. His heydays are over. The Congress is in such a bad position that it cannot make him a Rajya Sabha member again. VH has never won a direct election so far.  Today, he is just limited to some sound  bytes and statements. But what should one make out of a meeting of these two failed politicos?

VH and PK met on Monday and discussed latest political developments. While we do not know what transpired at the meeting, there are questions as to whether VH is joining the Jana Sena. Will he head the Telangana unit of the Jana Sena? Will Pawan give him the task of revitalising the party in Telangana? Well! Let's wait and see how things unfold.