Vaccine Developed By Drug Manufacturer Moderna Enters Final Stage!

Wed Jul 15 2020 14:26:06 GMT+0530 (IST)

In a piece of good news, Moderna, a leading drug development company in the United States, which joined hands with the National Institutes of Health to produce a vaccine to cure the virus said the results of phase 1 are satisfactory and they are confident of the vaccine.

The company said they are very happy with phase 1  results of the vaccine trials and the vaccine provoked immune in the 45 volunteers upon whom the vaccine trial was carried out.

The drug development company which is currently focusing on the immune response and safety is making ponds to enter the final stage of the vaccine by the end of July reportedly.

The company said, once the vaccine reaches the final stage the vaccine will be produced at a mass level and as many as 500 million doses would be dispatched every year and the number will go up from next year.

Though Phase 1 of the study is carried out on a limited number of volunteers the final and Phase 3 of the study will be conducted on thousands of volunteers to get accurate data.

Let's hope that Phase 3 of the vaccine gets a positive response and shows a good response to the volunteers.