Vallabhaneni Vamsi: Neither here, nor there

Wed May 11 2022 13:12:28 GMT+0530 (IST)

For Vallabhaneni Vamsi, the firebrand MLA of Gannavaram, the future seems to be uncertain. He is neither here nor there. He won on the TDP ticket despite the YSRCP tsunami in 2019, but has later joined hands with the YSRCP. Though he has not formally joined the YSRCP, he began working closely with the ruling party.

He had strongly attacked not just Chandrababu Naidu, but also his son Lokesh Babu. In the house, he has been acting like an unofficial YSRCP MLA. But, the problem for him is that the YSRCP leaders of Gannavaram have not reconciled to his entry into the party. They are speaking and commenting against him. Yarlagadda Venkat Rao, who fought and lost against Vamsi, is opposing his entry tooth and nail.

The YSRCP leaders have made it clear that they would not work for Vamsi, if he is made the party candidate in 2024. They  have said in no uncertain terms that they would staunchly oppose his candidature.

The rebels have given a call for appointing a new constituency incharge for Gannavaram. They have also decided not to involve Vamsi in the "Gadapa Gadapaku YSRCP" programme, which has begun from May 11. This has greatly upset Vamsi. He is no longer welcome in the TDP because of his utterances against Chandrababu and his family. At the same time, he has no acceptance in the YSRCP.

It now turns out that the anti-Vallabhaneni Vamsi group of YSRCP leaders are organising a Chalo Tadepalli programme to express their dissatisfaction against Vamsi. The party leaders are now planning a bike rally from Gannavaram to the YSRCP central office.  This means, Vamsi is neither here nor there.