Varma Reveals Why Everyone Voted For YCP

Sat May 25 2019 15:18:25 GMT+0530 (IST)

Ram Gopal Varma kept mocking the TDP Leadership & Jana Senani since the time YCP Wave was witnessed during the counting process. The Filmmaker ridiculed Chandrababu Naidu & Pawan Kalyan for congratulating YS Jagan after the election results as they campaigned that YCP was so bad prior to the polling.

Varma opined Leaders who faced defeat should have expressed their disgust and sadness if their honesty is consistent. He added, 'Politics is a very serious business dealing with life changing issues and not just an entertaining game to be sportive about losing'.    

Sharing a morphed picture of dejected Naidu looking at the cycle wheel, RGV conveyed the inner feeling of former CM in this way: 'My Son told me everyone voted for fan because they were feeling hot at the polling booth'.    

Posting a photograph in which YS Jagan was sweating heavily, Varma opined it reflects the condensed 10 years concentrated emotion of YS Jagan. He challenged CBN Fans to send him a comparative photograph.

RGV told, 'Chandrababu Naidu is shifting to Sahara. It's horrible of Babu even though his Son is biggest desert than Sahara'.