AP Woman Commission Got Time To Address Gorantla Issue!

Sat Aug 06 2022 17:51:39 GMT+0530 (IST)

As another big headache for the ruling YSRCP, an MP attracted a big controversy. A dirty video that is said to be of the MP was leaked and went viral on social media platforms. The opposition parties are not leaving the unexpected opportunity and are trolling him.

Going into detail, Cop-turned-politician Gorantla Madhav who won as an MP from Hindupur landed in a big soup after his alleged private video went viral. The issue reached a point where the party leadership said action will be taken against Gorantla Madhav if he is proven guilty.

Despite the issue creating a big uproar and attracting severe criticism, silence from firebrand leader Roja and State Women's Commission chairperson Vasireddy Padma made many feel that they are not talking about the case and not making any noise as Gorantla Madhav is a party leader.

Days after the controversy, Andhra Pradesh State Women's Commission reacted to the issue and urged the DGP to look into the case and take the appropriate action as far as the issue is concerned.

Speaking to the media, Vasireddy Padma said that the issue is not appreciable and there is a need to know the truth behind the controversy. She said that she has written a letter to the DGP.

As Vasireddy Padma finally got time to address the issue and raise her voice against what happened, many want to know how Roja will react to the row. Roja has been dubbing the YCP government as pro-women and she also says that the government will react swiftly to issues that trouble women.

The viral video says that Gorantla Madhav was shirtless in the video and he allegedly flashed his genitals to a woman. The video went viral and took social media like a storm.

After the video went viral on social media and the opposition parties started trolling him brutally, Gorantla Madhav addressed the media and said that the obscene video which is said to be of him is a doctored one and he alleged that there is a big conspiracy behind this and the opposition parties are trying to frame him with the doctored video.