'Veera Mallu' To Be Our Tollywood's Version Of 'Robinhood'!

Wed Apr 14 2021 18:11:40 GMT+0530 (IST)

Powerstar Pawan Kalyan's recent film outing as 'Vakeel Saab' turned out to be successful. The film impressed the audience a lot and he managed to deliver a strong message through this courtroom drama. After a message-oriented film, Pawan is doing a periodic drama set in the backdrop of the pre-Independence era named 'Hara Hara Veera Mallu'.

Directed by Krish, people were mightily impressed by the small glimpse that got released a few weeks back. Pawan looked dashing in that look and fans got pretty excited about this film. News is that his character in this film resembles Robinhood as Veera Mallu also robs the rich and feeds the poor. Apparently, he steals from the Britishers who occupied our country and gives the money to poor people.

At the same time period, Aurangzeb was ruling our country in a ruthless manner with a lot of atrocities being committed on people. 'Hara Hara Veera Mallu' reportedly revolves around Veera Mallu creating problems for both the Moghul king as well as the foreigners who are doing bad to the people in our country. Fans are waiting to see Pawan in such a role for a long time and seem like they are in for a feast. This film will be coming out in January 2022.