Venkaiah Naidu's Stern Warning To Pak

Sat Sep 07 2019 14:12:13 GMT+0530 (IST)

Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu maintained India has never been the provoker but it will offer a befitting reply to Pakistan if it's been attacked. He went on to say India kept maintaining restraint inspite of the grave provocations by Pakistan.

Venkaiah Naidu issued this warning to Pakistan during the launch of compilation of 95 speeches of President Ram Nath Kovind during his second year in office. 'We didn't do anything despite grave provocations but won't hesitate to give a reply in a manner they won't forget for the rest of their lives if attacked,' cautioned the Vice President.

Ever since the scrapping of Article 370 by Centre, Pakistan PM and his Council Of Ministers tried to threaten India and the rest of the World with nuclear war talk. India has always maintained that it won't be the aggressor but can't remain a mere spectator if its been attacked. Pakistan realized that Modi-led NDA Government would hit back if any attempts were made to hurt India. This is why Imran Khan-led Pak Government is hesitating to do anything beyond issuing provocative statements.