Very Few Options For Chandrababu Naidu

Sun Nov 21 2021 09:37:12 GMT+0530 (IST)

Chandrababu is facing the toughest of times. He is badly battered by blow after blow. His party is facing reversal after reversal. At the same time, the ruling party is targeting him both within and outside the assembly. Several tactically faulty decisions too are adding to his woes.

Chandrababu's problems began with an ill-advised attack by his spokesperson Pattabhi on YS Jagan. Pattabhi used obnoxious language against Jagan. This led to a chain of events in which the YSRCP supporters attacked the YSRCP headquarters. Protesting against this, Chandrababu gave a call for a state-wide bandh, which failed. Later, he undertook a 36 hour deeksha., which again failed to impress the people.

Then came the Delhi Yatra. Chandrababu's Delhi tour was a dud. He could not meet anyone except President Ramnath Kovind. He failed to get an appointment with the union home minister. This showed that his clout has diminished and that the sheen is off from Chandrababu's persona in Delhi. As if this was not enough, he suffered a huge electoral loss in Kuppam.. This was a huge loss of face for Chandrababu.

Now, he has decided not to attend the assembly sessions anymore. It remains to be seen if this move succeeds or fails. The problem is what will the TDP do for the coming two-and-a-half years. By boycotting the assembly, what will he achieve? How will he keep up the momentum in the party for the coming two years. Some in TDP are of the opinion that Chandrababu should have boycotted the house on some people's issue and not on a personal issue.