Vijay Sai Reddy's Sensational Letter To Governor

Tue May 07 2019 15:57:18 GMT+0530 (IST)

YCP Rajya Sabha MP Vijay Sai Reddy focussed on the decisions taken by AP CM Chandrababu Naidu ahead of the 2019 Elections in AP. He now wrote a letter to Governor ESL Narasimhan seeking action against postings and promotions happened during this period.

Vijay Sai Reddy alleged Cops belonging to one particular community received high preference during the postings and promotions. He accused TDP Government of promoting 37 cops as DSPs purely based on the caste card. He went on to say any such attempts violating the Constitution would ruin the balance in the system.

Here are some of the points raised by Vijay Sai Reddy...

Although then DGP admitted in the High Court about the flaws in DSP Promotions as per GO No.54 in 2014, TDP Government has given postings to some of them before 2019 Elections.

Using DSP Kesappa who hails from Chittoor, Promotions were given to the Cops in one particular community.

Promotions offered to Anantapur Special Branch DSP Ramkumar and Amarnath Naidu who was on duty at CBN's official residence were incorrect.

Rotation Rules weren't taken into consideration why promoting those 37 Cops.

Then Intelligence DG Venkateswara Rao planned these postings and promotions to make them work in favour of the Ruling Party.

Violating the norms, Ghattamaneni Srinivas was offered promotion to make him take the responsibility of Intelligence for Guntur range.

These postings and promotions must be cancelled if proven wrong during the investigation. Those who received promotions in an unlawful manner must be demoted.