Vijayasanthi Bowls A Yorker To Congress Party On Markaz

Wed Apr 01 2020 18:33:59 GMT+0530 (IST)

Film actress-turned-politician Vijayasanthi bowled a Yorker on the Congress leadership when she said that those Tablighi Jamaat activists who try to hide themselves and do not undergo Corona tests are traitors. She said the Government should declare them as traitors and initiate stern action against them.

Her statements are contrary to the soft-on-Muslims stand of the Congress Party. The party has so far not issued any statement on the corona spread from the Markaz, the Nizamuddin headquarters of the Tabligh-i-Jamaat. A large number of those who went to take part in the Tabligh meet have come back infected. Despite the best efforts, several of them are untraced. Speaking on this, Vijayasanthi said that those who went for the Markaz meet should on their own go for the Corona test.  They must be under voluntary quarantine and prove that they have no role in any conspiracy to spread the virus in the country.

It remains to be seen how the Congress leadership will take to Vijayasanthi's comments. Her comments are appear quite in consonance with her former party – the BJP. Will the Congress ask her at least an explanation?