Will Vijayasanthi Contest From Medak?

Thu Nov 08 2018 14:16:52 GMT+0530 (IST)

When she became active again in the Congress, Vijayasanthi has announced that she would not contest the elections this time and would vigorously campaign for the Congress Party. But, now it turns out that she might actually contest the elections. Though constituencies like Kukatpalli or Dubbak were floated, now the Congress sources said that she might actually contest from Medak. In fact, she had contested from the same constituency in 2014 and lost to Padma Devender Reddy. Since she has already contested from Medak, she knows the constituency very well and has strong connections even in far-flung areas. Also, her cinematic appeal and firebrand nature will go in her favour.

Vijayasanthi is being considered an asset for the Congress Party and the screening committee will take a final call on her constituency.