Vijayasanthi Playing Dodging Game On Dubbaka

Mon Sep 21 2020 08:59:32 GMT+0530 (IST)

She is the chief of the Congress campaign committee for Telangana, but she is not even bothering to campaign for the party in Dubbak bypolls and nor is she interesting in being the candidate. Once known as a firebrand, actress-politician Vijayasanthi is not even bothering to acknowledge the requests from the party leadership to contest as the Congress candidate from the prestigious Dubbak seat.

She has turned down all requests to be the party candidate in the bypoll, which was necessitated by the sudden death of sitting MLA Solipeta Ramalinga Reddy. Vijayasanthi feels that the party has not given her what is due to her. During the Lok Sabha and the assembly elections, she was ignored and insulted. Hence, she has decided not to contest and stake her personal prestige this time. So, she is said to be not even responding to the requests from the Telangana state leadership.

The party leadership feels that only a person with charisma like Vijayasanthi can put up a decent fight in Dubbak. But, Vijayasanthi clearly knows that the party does not have a credible leadership at different levels in Dubbak and the fight could be an uphill task for her. Hence, she is keeping away from the fight.