Get Spell And Fact Check Done, Vijayasanthi!!

Sun Jun 30 2019 22:15:08 GMT+0530 (IST)

After the sound drubbing the Congress Party got in the recent Assembly and Lok Sabha elections, Telangana's Ramulamma Vijayasanthi has gone back into her lair. But, this time around, she has not fallen completely silent. She has been posting on and off on her Facebook account. Once in every two or three days, she has been posting comments that are strongly critical of the ruling TRS.

There’s nothing wrong in posting anti-ruling party comments. But, this should be backed by solid on-ground work and there must be footprints on the ground. Otherwise, the whole effort will go waste. She has recently posted on the proposal to build new secretariat and assembly for Telangana. She reminded the people that the High Court has asked the same questions that she had raised.  She said the TRS tried to silence her. But, today, it is fumbling for answers for the same questions.

So far so good.  But, her posts have lot of grammatical, syntactical and typographic errors. What more? There are even factual errors. Wouldn’t it be better if she gets some fact check and spell check done before posting her comments?