Village secretaries' novel protests make officials huff and puff

Sun Jan 09 2022 17:17:57 GMT+0530 (IST)

Protests in the past used to involve dharnas, rallies, fasts and courting of arrests. But, times are changing. The protesters no longer hold black flags, sport black ribbons and even hold gate meetings. The village and ward secretaries have taken to a novel method.

They have left from all the official whatsapp groups. They are also not answering any call. As a result, the officials have no way of contacting the village secretaries and ward secretaries. After Jagan’s advent, the government functioning is totally dependent on the village and ward secretaries. In their absence, the officials have become like the babes in the woods.

Now the latest development is that the officials are literally begging the secretaries to rejoin the whatsapp groups. But the secretaries have not responded positively. The village and ward secretaries have been demanding that the government expedite the process of making them the probationary employees.  They feel that the government, which has addressed the issue of PRC and fitment, should listen to them also.