Violent clashes in Anantapur's Kia Motors unit, employees attack each other with iron rods

Tue Sep 21 2021 18:40:18 GMT+0530 (IST)

In a shocking incident, the junior and the senior employees fought pitched battles in the Anantapur based Kia Industries. According to reports, the two groups entered into a wordy duel, which soon deteriorated in to a physical clash. The employees attacked each other with iron rods. The videos of the employees abusing each other and attacking one another have gone viral on the social media.

Sources say that there have always been tension among the employees of the Hyundai and the Trancis Companies, which are the main plants in the Kia company. Arguments, abuses, pushes and shoves are said to be common among these employees. But on Tuesday, the arguments gave way to clashes among the two groups. According to sources, the rival groups picked up iron rods and started attacking one another.  The details of how many were injured and what is their condition are not known.

Sources say that the management  is not trying to sort out the issue and control the rioting. Interestingly, the police too have not taken any action so far on the issue. Further details are awaited.