Viral Video: Bhulbhul Balayya!

Tue Dec 04 2018 21:10:03 GMT+0530 (IST)

The worst fears of Mahakutami Candidates seems to be coming true. Balakrishna began his Telangana Tour by slapping his enthusiastic fans in Khammam. And now, The way he is speaking while campaigning in few segments is worrying the MLA Candidates and Cadre.

Sare Jahan Se Acha is an Urdu language patriotic song written by poet Muhammad Iqbal for children. Balakrishna crooned the song in the worst manner possible. It has come to the extent that the video footage has gone viral as 'Bhulbhul Balayya' on social media.

None other than Telangana IT Minister K Taraka Rama Rao shared the post on his Twitter handle with the caption: 'Too much entertainment'.

This isn't what Mahakutami wants particularly in the last days of campaigning. Why because, Such things could spoil the impression people have on certain parties and their alliance partners.