Vizag Cops Put An End To Psycho Killer Fear Finally!

Wed Aug 17 2022 12:32:00 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

For the past few days, locals of Pendurti in the Vizag district experienced a tense situation with back-to-back killings. A serial killer posed a big challenge to the cops by killing as many as three people in one week. This made the locals develop a sense of fear and requested the authorities to look into it.

As another feather in their illustrious cap, the Vizag cops cracked the much-talked-about case successfully by nabbing the accused. After taking the accused into custody, the cops held a press meet on how they cracked the case and they shed light on the mental state of the accused.

Going by the information shared by the cops, the accused is identified as Rambabu. He often targets women as he developed a grudge against the women community due to his issues with his wife. After knowing that his wife developed an alleged extramarital affair Rambabu took a divorce.

As Rambabu was forced to stay away from his son and family due to her extramarital status, the accused reportedly developed anti-sentiment towards women. The anger and grudge Rambabu has towards his wife is getting reflecting in his actions.

Four years back Rambabu and his wife parted ways by taking a divorce knowing that she had an extramarital affair. This incident made him a completely different person and he turned into a psycho. Since then he started attacking women. With the very same nature, he killed three people in one week.

Earlier last week Rambabu killed a watchman and his wife. When the locals are unable to come out of the watchman couple killing, another woman was killed brutally. Rambabu made a failed attempt to kill a woman. Luckily, she escaped the attack made by Rambabu.

Besides the divorce from his ex-wife, Rambabu also suffered from a few other issues. The anger and uneasiness he had for these years made him a psycho. He attacks people mainly women. It is also said that he used to kick the private parts of the deceased after killing them. The investigation officers would get more clarity about him after grilling him.