Voters Greet Stars, Vote For Politics

Thu May 30 2019 17:18:20 GMT+0530 (IST)

Film stars are film stars, they are not gods, not even demi-gods. These elections have proved this point like never before. The North Indians realised this long ago and sent even the likes of Amitabh Bachan packing. But, down south, we believed that the stars are still demigods till recently. But, even the South Indian voters are a changing.

Mega Star Chiranjeevi, his brother Pawan Kalyan, Southern heartthrob Kamal Hasan and Rajini Kanth have been shown their place. Time was when the mere waving of a hand by NTR or MGR would rain votes. Now, the voters are realising that they need politicians who respond to their demands, not film stars who simply show up once in a while.  A politician responds when the people need him. But, a film star puts his shooting schedule above everything.

So, the voters are greeting the stars, but are voting for politicians. What is the use of having a flashy and handsome hunk representing you, when he doesn't respond on time? Isn't it better to have a politician who knows that the people are the most important thing in democracy.? This has been proved beyond any speck of doubt.

So, Celluloid kings should realise that they should enter politics only if they are really interested.