Voters who won't cast Their Votes Should Be Made Ineligible For Govt Schemes

Tue Dec 01 2020 19:24:10 GMT+0530 (IST)

Despite the massive campaign programs from the leading political parties and the awareness program designed by the  Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation(GHMC) for the local body polls, the elections started to a dull performance.

Cyberabad Police Commissioner Vishwanath Channappa Sajjanar, popularly known as VC Sajjanar cast his vote has expressed his dissatisfaction over the polls witnessing less voting percent.

He suggested that voters who won't exercise their voting exercise should be made ineligible for the government schemes. Students who don't vote should not be given seats.

The CP allegedly said that the Telangana State Election Commission(SEC) should create awareness for the voters to exercise their vote right by creating more awareness programs.

CP Sajjanar exercised his vote right along with his wife Anupa V Sajjanar in the polling booth set up in Vyayamshala High School in the Nampally division.

Many polling booths across the city have witnessed very less or least voting percentages. Experts cite that it is very difficult to beat the polling percent registered in two previous elections.