Waiting For Second Slipper: Kamal Haasan

Tue May 21 2019 09:55:56 GMT+0530 (IST)

A miscreant hurled slipper at Kamal Haasan while he was addressing the gathering at Tirupparankundram Constituency in Tamil Nadu. This incident happened after he dared to say Independent India's first terrorist was a Hindu, Nathuram Godse who killed Mahatma Gandhi.

In a lighter vein, Kamal Haasan said he already received one slipper and waiting for the second one. At the audio launch of Parthiepan's 'Otha Seruppu' (Single Slipper), Kamal mentioned about an incident involving Gandhi. 'When Gandhi was travelling on a train, Large number of people gathered to catch a glimpse of him. While he was waving at the crowd, One of his slippers fell down. Immediately, Gandhi left the other slipper also at the same place. To those who wondered why he did so, Gandhi explained one slipper is of no use and someone can use it if there is a pair. Being a Gandhi Fan, I am waiting for the second slipper to come my way,' he told.

Certainly, Kamal Haasan will have to be prepared to face more such public display of anger due to the sensational comments he has been making. He seems to be very much prepared to tackle any kind of hurdles.