Want Modi's pic on Corona death certificates: Maharashtra minister

Sun Apr 18 2021 10:20:14 GMT+0530 (IST)

At a time when Corona is doing a deadly death dance across the country, the usual politicking is going on full scale. Several states are now questioning the faulty distribution of Covid vaccines. They are questioning as to why there is a shortage of vaccines in a country that is known for producing the maximum amount of vaccines. Some are even asking why India was exporting vaccine when there is an internal shortage.

In Maharashtra, CM Uddhav Thackeray has accused the Central Government of not cooperating with the state government. He said the Centre was responsible for the spate of new positive cases in the state. He said the Centre was not supplying adequate quantities of Remedesiver vaccines to the state government. The BJP is blaming the State Government for its inept handling of the Covid situation.

Meanwhile, Maharashtra minister and NCP leader Nawab Malik taken strong objection to the printing of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's photo on the vaccination certificate. 'If there is Modi's photo on the vaccination certificate, then his photograph should be there on even death certificates,' he said. He also wanted Modi government to reveal figures of Oxygen production in the country and how much of it is being sent to Maharashtra. His comments have now become quite sensational.