'Want Task Masters, Not Show Masters'

Tue Jul 09 2019 12:10:33 GMT+0530 (IST)

Telugu Desam party's renegade MP Kesineni is back to what he does best - attacking the party he is in. Nani has been at loggerheads with his own party for quite some time over the issue of appointments in the Lok Sabha. He was unhappy at being made the party whip, while Kinjarapu Rammohan Naidu and Galla Jaidev, both juniors to him, have been made the leader and the deputy leaders of the TDLP. Ever since, he has been passing snide comments against party leadership.

Now, he has come up with another statement. He has in a tweet, said that the party now needs task masters not show masters. This comment seems to be targeted against his rivals within the party, who, he feels , are making a mere show of working for the party. He says that there people are doing nothing substantial for the party. He feels the party needs task masters. But, he did not elaborate and tell the people as to who these task masters are.

There have been reports that Nani is in touch with the BJP and that he might join the party. But, Nani, with his latest tweets has shown that he still cares for the party that gave him the political life. He has shown that he is still with the TDP, but is unhappy with the way things are panning out in the party.