War in Afghanistan benefited 100 US companies

Sun Oct 10 2021 21:02:01 GMT+0530 (IST)

Dirty secrets are tumbling out of the American government's closets as its war on Taliban ended in a fiasco. With the last American soldier leaving Afghanistan, the defeat is complete. According to the cost of war project of Brown University, 230 crore dollars (Rs 17000 crore) was spent for the war in Afghanistan.

Though it's a huge loss for the US, at least five companies benefited immensely from the botched up war. As estimated 105 crore were spent for the defense ministry of the Afghan government. This money mostly went to the private companies that were part of the America operations. Since there were limits on the number of soldiers to be sent to the US, a large number were recruited by the contractors.

As many as 100 companies were roped in for various works in Afghanistan. Of them five companies were among the biggest beneficiaries. Several government companies too were benefited by the failed war. Sources said that five companies received huge payments from the US government.