Does Pak PM's Wife Practice Black Magic?

Tue Oct 01 2019 10:26:50 GMT+0530 (IST)

Is Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan's wife having super natural powers? For the last two days, the media in Pakistan is agog with reports that the image of Imran Khan's third and current wife Bushra Bibi does not appear in mirror. This is so because she has super natural powers, says a section of media. This news spread like there's no tomorrow and deluged the Internet.

Capital TV, a popular TV channel in Pakistan, aired a story which said that Bushra Bibi, known to be a spiritualist, has super natural powers. Bibi, already married and mother of five children, before she married Imran Khan, acted as Imran's spiritual guide and advisor. She reportedly told him that he would become prime minister if he married someone from her family. Later, she convinced him that he should marry a mother of five and married him later.

The media house later clarified that it had never published any such story. Yet, the stories are abounding the Internet. Rumours are very strong in Pakistan that Imran offers two pots full of meat whenever he seeks advice. The meat is for the two ghost that Bushra controls, according to the rumours.