Watch Full Video & Then Comment: PVP

Thu Mar 21 2019 16:01:07 GMT+0530 (IST)

17 Seconds Video of YCP MP Candidate PVP went viral on Social Media after print and electronic media offered extensive coverage to it. In the clip, PVP commented that Special Category Status is a boring subject and he don't want to talk about it. These comments stirred a huge controversy in the political circles.

PVP clarified: 'My opening statement during the meeting was - My Party & My Leader Jagan is only one in the country who is fighting tirelessly for Special Status. I had made this comment twice. Watch the complete footage and then decide for yourself. As the meeting was meant to discuss about Industrial Policy, I told let's not deviate from the topic and spoke about the vision of YCP for Industrial Development in the next 5 years. Spoke for 5 minutes, but media focusing only on 17 seconds to blow it out of proportion'.

When quizzed don't he think that negative campaign launched by TDP will hurt YCP's poll prospects, The Industrialist replied: 'Why should we fear if our intention isn't bad? Neither our party nor our leader will make a backstep. Anybody will know the actual truth if they watch the complete footage. If Media is really capable of changing public policy, What is the need for elections? People aren't mad to believe everything that's been reported by the media'.