We cannot make daughter speak to mother forcefully: Supreme Court!

Tue Jan 18 2022 16:54:38 GMT+0530 (IST)

A woman had knocked on the doors of the Supreme Court with a shocking reason. Saying that, due to her former husband, her daughters are not speaking to her, the woman had approached the Apex Court. During the hearing, the country's top court made a few key comments.

As a response to her petition, the Supreme Court asked how can the court ask a girl to talk to her mother when she doesn't want to talk to her mother. When the girl is living with her father, how can the Supreme Court compel her, asked the court?

In her petition, the woman said that her husband left the United States with their daughters. After they reached India, she is unable to talk to their daughters. For this, the woman accused her husband of poisoning daughters' minds due to this she is unable to talk to their daughters.

Countering this, the lawyers representing the woman's husband said that there is no truth in the claims. While one daughter is pursuing her studies, the other daughter is 16 years old and she doesn't want to speak to her mother. There is nothing the daughter's father can do, the lawyers said.

After hearing arguments of both parties, the Supreme Court said it cannot make the daughters speak to their mother if they don't want to.

When the Bench hearing the petition asked the husband if there is any possibility that he could make the woman talk to her daughter over a video call, his lawyers said that every Wednesday the video call is arranged.