What Are Chiranjeevi's Equations With Politics Now?

Wed Sep 21 2022 18:23:13 GMT+0530 (IST)

What are Megastar Chiranjeevi's equations with politics is the big question now. Since yesterday, the issue is getting a lot of attention. After he shared a short audio clip that says, he got away from politics, but politics did not go away from him went viral, and people are discussing it a lot about this.

The likes of AP BJP Chief Somu Veerraju opined that they are ready to walk with Chiranjeevi if he is interested. Adding fuel to this, the grand old Congress party reportedly issued an ID card recognizing Chiru as PCC Delegate. A picture that says the same is doing rounds.

As Congress is awaiting the party President post elections, the Congress party is issuing the ID cards so that the representtaives of the party can cast their votes. Chiranjeevi is among the representatives reportedly.

With this, we have to think that Congress is not ready to leave Chiranjeevi and it is still seeing him as a member of the party. But Chiranjeevi is staying away from politics. His brother is in alliance with BJP.

Now the ball is in Chiranjeevi's court. Will he accept the proposal made by Congress or will he stick to his idea of keeping his distance from politics needs an answer here. We may get clarity on this. If he decides to stay with Congress, then he might have to fight with his younger brother Pawan Kayan politically.

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