What Are Ganta's Next Political Moves In TDP?

Sat Oct 09 2021 17:56:52 GMT+0530 (IST)

One politician who quickly knows which way the political winds blow is Ganta Srinivasa Rao. He always knew which horse wins and bets on it. It was only in 2019 that he failed to bet at the right time. Those close to him say he knew that the YSRCP would win but could not join it because his rival Avanthi Srinivas had already joined it. Despite the anti-TDP mood among the people, he still managed to win from Vizag North.

But soon after winning, Ganta began keeping a distance from the TDP. He feels that Chandrababu did not give him his due. He feels Chandrababu has not rewarded him with either Public Affairs Committee chief's post or deputy leader of the legislative party or even politburo member. As a result, he has been keeping a low profile. There are doubts as to whether he would remain in the party at least till 2024.

Chandrababu too appears to be doubtful about Ganta's political intentions. Not just Ganta, he has not given any important party post to his relatives too. For instance his close relative and former MLA from Bhimavaram Pulaparthi Ramanjaneyulu was not made the incharge of the Bhimavaram assembly constituency.  Another close relative of Ganta, former minister Narayana too does not have any importance in the party now.

More importantly, former minister Atchen Naidu is now the state unit president of the TDP, while another former minister Ayyanna Patrudu is in a key position in Visakhapatnam district. Both are known Ganta baiters. So, even in his district, the odds are stacked against him.  It remains to be seen what moves Ganta will make in the days to come to regain his lost clout in the TDP.