What Did Undavalli Advice YS Jagan?

Mon May 27 2019 15:35:21 GMT+0530 (IST)

Undavalli Arun Kumar hailed the victory of YSR Congress Party with a vote share of 50 percent saying it happened due to the trust people have on YS Jaganmohan Reddy. He suggested AP CM to hold consultations with Senior Engineers to save Polvaram Project from the floods beginning from July.

Explaining in a cinematic manner, Undavalli opined: 'If a picture carrying hit buzz fall short of expectations marginally, People would say it's a flop. If a film carrying flop buzz isn't too bad, Then people will be okay with it. YCP which won with positive vote need to take more responsibility. The manner in which Jagan spoke about corruption in the recent press meets is appreciable. That set the tone for revolutionary changes. I welcome Jagan's assurance on corruption-free rule. I had offered few advises to YSR over eradication of corruption in the past. Salary Details of every Government Employee must be made public. People should know that government is running with their money. YSR like the idea but Officers hadn't approved it. Jagan should think about it!'.

YSR couldn't implement the suggestion of Undavalli Arun Kumar due to the situation prevailing at that time. Can Jagan who spoke about revolutionary changes in his rule make a gutsy move?